Do you know what ’footprint’ your organisation makes?

Every organisation generates economic, social and environmental impacts. The scale may be local or it may be global. The impacts themselves can vary widely between sectors. But an organisation that fails to understand and manage their balance between ‘People, Planet and Profits’ risks losing their unwritten ‘licence to operate’ from the community.

It is not enough just to have a “green” strategy focussed on minimising environmental costs and risks. Long term survival means fostering transparancy and engagement. Your key stakeholders have to be convinced that your organisation is a force for good balancing long-term economic, social and environmental factors.

I implemented and drove a global Corporate Sustainability policy at a leading multinational that led to them being voted as Sector Leader on the Dow Jones Sustainability Index.

Whether you operate in the private, public or not for profit sector I can help you develop a policy and an effective management system ensuring you are aware of and can address every significant issue in your environmental, social, cultural and economic impacts. I can also help you present your story through your website and a printed stakeholder report.

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