Business Excellence

Have you given your organisation an MOT lately?

It may be over twenty years since the CEOs of fourteen leading European companies formed the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) but the self-assessment framework they launched still delivers one of the most effective holistic overviews of any organisation.

I know how effective the Business Excellence Model can be because I helped implement and maintain it across more than one hundred sites throughout the UK for a leading distribution company. It caused management to implement step changes and continuous improvements that led to a string of external regional, national and European Prizes and Awards and made the company a benchmark.

Starting with the Vision and Mission of your organisation the framework helps you see whether your aims are still relevant, how well they are being addressed, and explains the key strengths and areas for improvement across the operation.

Whether you operate in the private, public or not for profit sector my experience with the Model will enable you to draw up a detailed ‘Effect and Cause’ report showing whether the key results you achieved were caused by the Leadership; Strategy; People; Partnerships, Resources and Processes, Products & Services in your organisation.

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